Our facility management industry is

an unexplored giant. 

Any medium-sized or big corporation you can imagine contracts services of facility management providers to take care of their buildings and their employees through cleaning, catering, maintenance, security and many other services.


That’s why the industry’s digits are huge: the annual growth of the sector is 6,2%, forecasted to reach a turnover of 2 trillion USD in 2024.

Modernization of older buildings - construction of smarter facilities. Keeping up the pace of digitalization for building-users of the new era.

Big buildings, workplaces and facilities in general, are being modernized to connect to the digital world to enhance the wellbeing and requirements of people using the building. Also we, FM Innovators, need to innovate to keep us connected to the mindset of our employees and clients, work more efficiently, more cost-effectively and adding more value to the market.
Every day, new and smarter facilities are constructed for an ever-growing world population and we, FM Innovators, are here to care.

The core activities of an FM company 

Facility management providers have large to vast workforces that are outsourced to their clients.

We combine two key activities: human resource management in all its aspects (labour costs, legal aspects, employee satisfaction, absenteeism, labour safety, planning, etc.) and in-depth knowledge on the outsourced activity itself.


A medium-sized facility management company may have 250 office employees in its headquarters, and 10.000 employees working at the premises of their clients.


A rise in people-centric technologies is globally redefining customer and employee experience, and the facility management industry does not want and can not be excluded from this process.

ID-Shift: from cost centre to value-driven service

Facility management was primarily considered a cost centre and not a value-driven service. It is now transforming from focusing on physical assets and fixed work routines to an emphasis on creating ideal outcomes for end-users and a positive work experience for its own employees.


The emergence of a work-culture that prioritises employee wellbeing is altering the aspirations tenants of buildings have. Businesses have realised that the quality of user experience that a facility delivers has a direct impact on workplace productivity, talent retention and sales.


In turn, these insights are driving preferences and perceived property value. Managing this shift efficiently and effectively by adopting the right technologies has become critical in the facility management industry.


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