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Cleaning Service

Whether you're talking offices, retail, factories, airports, hospitals and many other types of facilities, the cleaning industry plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy and harmonious surroundings. 

The cleaning industry carries great economic importance and continues to grow around the globe. The global cleaning services market alone is expected to reach $74 billion in revenue by 2022, growing 6.2% on average each year.


Maintenance Service

Ensuring that buildings and infrastructure assets continue to run at optimal levels and without disruption is essential to an organisation’s productivity.

Yet, traditional approaches to asset management and maintenance typically involve slow response times, disruptive site visits and costly periods of downtime.

We want to drive a change in the facilities maintenance industry from today’s mostly reactive approach to a preventive one, using data and technology to optimize the performance of a customer’s estate.


Energy and Sustainability

Buildings account for nearly 40 percent of global energy consumption and so it makes sense that the building sector should play a key role in climate policy.

Efficiency policies in new and existing buildings provide a big chance for corporations to reduce energy consumption while simultaneously helping along other kinds of improvements such as better health and well-being for occupants, and productivity.



Workplace and 

Facility Management

If we take a look at the workplace of the future, it is no surprise that shared workplaces, open floor plans, and activity-based working pop-up. Employees, and especially the new generations, want more flexibility and expect the work environment to support their wants and needs. Offices need to be more than buildings to work, they have to be a place that stimulates collaboration and supports social activities. 

Offices need to be more than buildings to work, they have to be a place that stimulates collaboration and supports social activities. Creating that well-known sense of belonging. Therefore, companies need to give employees reasons to be in the office and provide them with a great experience.


Security and

Access Ctl 

Facilities management and corporate real estate managers are embracing digital transformation to find new ways of protecting and securing their buildings, their information and their assets from ever-evolving threats.

Smart buildings, enabled by Building Internet of Things (B-IoT) devices, are creating radical shifts in the way that buildings are designed, implemented, operated, and managed. B-IoT-based, data-driven building system design, decision-making, procedure automation, and system control will be the main focus of smart building technologies within the next decade.




Global foodservice consumption is more popular than ever, with rapid changes in the way that people eat and receive their food.


Total global foodservice spending is expected to grow 13% across the next five years, producing $359bn in incremental value.  This is driven in part by technology and the mobile evolution – by digitising the experience, consumers can get meals whenever and wherever they like.


As the individual meal becomes the new value, the lines between retail and foodservice will continue to blur, resulting in service becoming a larger component of every successful model.


Inclusion and


There is no doubt that in this multidimensional and complex society, focusing on maximizing the value of a diverse workforce has almost become a business imperative.


While we are extensively focused on hiring for diversity, there’s one part of the equation that we do not often talk about; namely - fostering an inclusive workplace culture. An inclusive workplace culture makes diversity work.


In this sense, inclusion is the pre-requisite for the functioning of a diverse workforce and involves the full and successful integration of diverse people into a workplace.


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