We are the 

Global Alliance of

Facility Management Innovators

Meet us at the FM Innovation Fair / Induction Day in May 2020 in Barcelona.

Confirmed attendees (list growing quickly, we just got started):


The Global Alliance of FM Innovators is an initiative of leading facility management corporations across the world that have a clear will to promote and integrate new technologies in the facility management industry.

We have come together to find startups who want to pilot their solutions in real business cases, and once validated, scale up their business throughout the whole facility management industry. Possibilities are vast: the market of facility management is enormous, unexplored, cross-sectoral and will keep on growing at a steady pace during the next coming 20 years.

Take a look at our no-nonsense corporate pilot program and choose your challenge.


A no-nonsense corporate pilot program

We listen to your needs and open up our doors. 

Developing a solution and making it work for our industry is serious business, both for you as for us. We all know what it means to build a company, and no-one is here to waste effort, time nor money.


In our no-nonsense approach, listening to each other is key. What are the needs and possibilities on both sides? Let's open up and be clear right at the start. Our managers, mentors, big buildings and large workforces are waiting for your expertise.

We're not here for marketing's sake. We're here for results - just like you.

To get to great results quickly, we count on a great team of ecosystem experts. We, old-fashioned ;) but sharp FM business experts, partner with Bridge for Billions and tech design companies to get us all going.

Gain clients. Not only one in particular, but become part of the industry.

Our final goal is to help you to commercialise your solution through the Global Alliance of Facility Management Innovators: we will become your client or our clients will become your clients. 
Your main benefit will, thus, be the sales that derive from our collaboration. We, FM Innovators, enjoy the benefit of integrating innovative products and processes in our companies and offering innovative solutions to our clients.

No-Fuss Induction Day: show us your raw solution in Barcelona. Paid trip.

Our Induction Day is a good example of this no-fuss approach. For Induction Day, we will not ask you to adapt your actual solution to the facility management industry yet. We would like you to present the attendees on how your solution could be used in our sector in the best possible way.


It is not a Demo Day where final products are shown; we want to see your solution in a “raw” state. Attendees will be FM Innovators, Tech Experts, big corporations that are FM Innovators' clients and relevant media.


You might find the answer of your question right away in our extensive



You can find us at:

World Trade Center Almeda Park
Plaza de la Pau s/n – Edificio 3, Planta 3ª
08940 Cornellà (Barcelona) - Spain



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